Dr. Kaushik Sridhar


All of us have moments when we fail to recognise our own ability and believe that we are incapable of achieving a goal. All of us have times when we are depressed and surrounded by negativity. Some of us may have experienced bullying at various points in time. All of us have experienced times when we were at our lowest, but in order to overcome these challenges, we need to maintain an optimistic outlook. The book is an account in which the author makes the readers to read about his life and discover how and why conventional organisational structures and methods have never actually worked for him. Through his own personal experiences and the ups and downs he encountered, the author has written this book to teach readers how to create their own paths to success (Book Review).

Kaushik has toured globally promoting his book through keynote talks across Australia, Asia and Africa!

Chennai Institute of Technology

University of Technology Mauritius

Insight Academy



University of Sydney

AIESEC University of Sydney

Kaushik’s book has been featured in a number of media outlets including newspapers, radio, podcasts, book fairs and bookstores:

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