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Student Feedback

“I was fortunate to have Kaushik as my corporate governance lecturer during my MBA journey at the Australian Institute of Business. The subject could have easily been dry and unengaging; however, Kaushik made the course his own by engaging, supporting and linking real-life experience to theory and frameworks. He ensured that he answered any questions (no matter how left the field they were) even if there was some research on his behalf outside the lecturer. Kaushik’s knowledge and teaching style allowed me to grasp and retain a significant about of knowledge and structure. I am happy to say Kaushik taught me; due to this, I have no hesitation in recommending Kaushik for his expertise in corporate governance, ESG and sustainability. I wish Kaushik all the best in his future endeavours.”

Student Feedback

“I had the great fortune of having Kaushik as my lecturer while doing Corporate Governance as part of my MBA and the Australian Institute of Business. Although I already enjoy this subject, it can be dry and boring if not delivered around topical issues. Kaushik exceeded all expectations with his knowledge of the subject, his practical experience in the field, his delivery of the learnings and his insightful answers to questions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kaushik to anyone seeking professional expertise in the areas of corporate governance, ESG and sustainability.”

Student Feedback

“Dr Kaushik Sridhar was my lecturer at AIB during my final subject of my MBA- Corporate Governance. I experienced through him excellent real world knowledge about the functionality of Boards, ESG & Corporate Risk Strategy which allowed me to dovetail his experience and increase my knowledge in that sector of corporate structures,strategy and board requirements. His impression upon me will leave an admiration for the young man he is, not only driving but having achieved excellence in his career thus far which in know doubt will be an asset to any employer or academic institution who has this educator on there board or lecture team. He kept our attention as a cohort in class and we fed off his knowledge. I am proud to have been a AIB student and to have had him as our OLF. I wish him all the best for the future and will be tracking his success moving forward.”

Student Feedback

“During my studies at the Australian Institute of Business (AIB) I awas fortunate to have Dr. Kaushik as my lecturer for Corporate Governance. I did not know what to expect from the subject and if I’m honest I was expecting it to be dry and boring. I have had lectures in the past that were difficult to follow and lacked relative content. Dr. Kaushik conducted webinars that were engaging and informative. Dr. Kaushik was quick to respond to my questions and provided usable feedback. With his guidance I was able to navigate the course content and achieve high marks. He helped me to appreciate and develop a sound understanding of Corporate Governance. I can highly recommend Dr. Kaushik as an educator and would jump at the opportunity to learn from him again.”

Student Feedback

“I am honoured to provide a recommendation for Dr. Kaushik Sridhar. Dr. Sridhar, whom I met during my MBA journey, was the professor for my Corporate Governance course. His understanding of the role Corporate Governance plays in a company was exceptional. He called on his vast business experience to bring home what some may consider dry material and make the work alive and accessible. He inspired me to pursue higher education and has become someone I consider a mentor and colleague. I also deeply appreciate his philosophical perspective on business and life. His love of deep thinking, combined with his business mind and caring heart, is a blend that you don’t see often, and sets him above the rest. All his students, past, present and future, benefit from his commitment to teaching.”

Student Feedback


“I highly recommend Dr Kaushik Sridhar as a lecturer at any university. As a student of Kaplan Business School, I was lucky enough to have Dr Kaushik as my lecturer in 2020 where he taught People, Culture and Contemporary Leadership. Kaushik was one of my best lecturers at KBS, always finding ways to engage students. He is a driven, organised lecturer who develops inspiring relationships with his students. His ability to connect with students and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. Kaushik delivered his lectures with great initiative and with a positive attitude. I recommend Kaushik to you without reservation.“

“I had the pleasure to attend one subject given by Dr. Kaushik Sridhar as a part of my MBA studies, and in this course the insights and mentoring given by Kaushik in topics related to sustainability and leadership were really inspiring, additionally, his knowledge, class delivery and engagement were outstanding.”

“I was fortunate to have Dr. Kaushik as my lecturer while studying MBA at Kaplan Business School. He has a charismatic personality and a unique teaching style which leaves a long-lasting impact. He always tries to align theory with examples from his professional life which makes his lectures worth attending. He is the only lecturer, I must mention, who could hold my complete attention even in a 3-hour long lecture.“

Student Feedback


“Sustainability Accounting, taught by Dr. Kaushik Sridhar, was my favourite course while studying at The University of Melbourne. I came into the class with an accountant’s mindset and a career in accounting. After 12 weeks in the course, I realised I was in the wrong mindset and career and needed a change. I recently moved into the Climate Change & Sustainability team at EY in Beijing. I couldn’t be happier and owe it all to Dr. Kaushik and his amazing teaching style as well as his knowledge/passion for sustainability and creating change”.

“The lectures Kaushik delivered were so engaging that ignited my passion for sustainability accountability. His empirical ways of lecturing enhanced our understanding of implementing sustainability in an organisation. Particularly, with the knowledge I learnt from him, I received a job interview invitation from Taiwan Big 4 firms”.

“Dr. Kaushik is a very professional and experienced lecturer. His broad experience permits him to deliver lectures in dynamic and understandable manner. His experience within sustainability sector has assisted him by transmitting a clear message of sustainability to students.”

“Kaushik was the lecturer for my master’s course in sustainability accounting at the University of Melbourne. Over the course of the semester, he proved to be a skilled educator with a clear passion for the subject material and broadening the skills and understanding of his students. In covering topics as diverse as the global reporting initiative, integrated reporting, sustainable supply chains and climate change, Kaushik developed an engaging and thought-provoking course plan that offered an introduction to the material which was both in-depth yet accessible to students new to the concepts discussed. Kaushik always made the effort to engage with his students and to be accessible for questions and general discussions both inside and outside of the classroom, despite juggling work and lecturing. Sustainability accounting was one of the best subjects i have taken during my academic career, and Kaushik’s extensive knowledge and personable nature were a key factor in making the experience so enjoyable.”

“Among all the sixteen lecturers that i have been taught by at the master of management (accounting and finance) study in the University of Melbourne, Dr. Kaushik Sridhar is among the top 2 best lecturers. His passion on a thriving topic of sustainability management as well as on teaching have resulted in him always delivering really eye-opening as well as updated information and best practices of how sustainability can improve the company’s triple bottom line (financial, environmental, and social benefits) that inspires students to go to the next level in their professional contribution to businesses upon graduation. Being a brilliant talent in his age certainly provides him with a competitive advantage of being able to deliver the lectures in a way that is much more engaging to the students, without compromising his authority as a lecturer. Hence, I am more than happy to recommend Dr Kaushik Sridhar to be an adjunct lecturer who will surely add values for the University of Melbourne.”

Student Feedback


“Kaushik’s presentations are engaging, spontaneous and interesting. He has the charisma to draw his audience’s attention as well as the passion to influence people. Kaushik has been the guest speaker for our post-graduate course Accounting for Sustainable Management for four years. Students are inspired by his intelligent insights and enjoy their interactions with Kaushik. His guest lecture adds enormous value to the learning experience of the students.  He also taught the post-graduate course for several semesters and received very high student course experience evaluation. Kaushik was the penal speaker of RMIT Sustainability Conference and RMIT Governance and Accountability Conference with industry and academic participants. I have no hesitation to recommend Dr Kaushik Sridhar as a highly-skilled presenter who cleverly adapts his presentations to different audiences.” 


“We are honoured to have Dr Kaushik Sridhar as our guest lecturer for the course Accounting for Sustainable Management at RMIT University. Throughout the semester, Kaushik delivered multiple engaging lectures to students in which he generously shared his valuable insights in smartly approaching sustainability management. His creative blending of sustainability industry facts and examples into academic topics was widely welcomed by students and the teaching team. Drawing from his perceptive observation and rich experience in different roles across different industries, all audience of his thought-provoking lecture will definitely benefit from exposure to visionary ideas and meaningful self-reflection. I would highly recommend Dr Kaushik Sridhar to any event that motivates positive change in sustainability.” 

Researcher & Sessional Academic

Student Feedback

“Kaushik was a knowledgeable and engaging lecturer who often used his extensive industry experience to explain complex ideas regarding sustainability and management accounting students. I would highly recommend Kaushik as a lecturer.”

“I had the privilege to be Kaushik’s student at RMIT University. Kaushik has a great teaching style in which he really understands the needs of his students and caters to everyone each time we need his help. He is very knowledgeable and has the ability to communicate the knowledge in a simplified version that is easy to understand. Kaushik’s unique teaching style lies in his ability to provide real life examples in order to keep us engaged, while also giving us insights on the real world. By doing so, he was able to keep everyone interested, and even made myself consider a career change to Sustainability and CSR. Overall, I had a fun and enriching time learning from him.”

“An expert in his field and a pleasure to have as a lecturer and facilitator for Accounting for Sustainable Management. He explains all topics and concepts extremely well ensuring each student has understood, giving the opportunity to frequently ask questions and encourages students to provide an opinion to open discussion. His classes are very enjoyable, informative and engaging. Thank you Dr. Kaushik for being a great mentor this semester.”

“Kaushik goes to great lengths to be a well informed and thorough subject matter expert. This effort is made obvious by Kaushik’s ability to convey complicated concepts and material using up to date industry and academic examples. It was much appreciated by this student.” 

“Kaushik was my lecturer on accounting for sustainable management at RMIT University. This was my first exposure to non-financial accounting in business. Unlike any previous business/management courses, which only focussed on financial accounting and impacts, this course has demonstrated the holistic benefits of considering environmental and social impacts to nature and communities. Overall, I would like to express my appreciation to Kaushik for an excellent delivery of the course context.”