Dr. Kaushik Sridhar

360 degree feedback examples

What People Say

Below are examples of 360 degree feedback I have received over my previous roles:

  • “Great eye for detail, strategic thinker, passionate and dedicated. Takes initiative and seeks opportunities. Quality work.”
  • “I have known Kaushik for a few years now and his passion for sustainability and making this world a better place is infectious. He is a thorough gentlemen and very well liked person throughout the firm. Keep up the great work Kaushik and its great to work with you.”
  • “Kaushik has a lot of integrity and is very collaborative. Always endeavours to bring stakeholders into the loop and devise creative solutions to complex issues.”
  • “Kaushik is strong at stakeholder management, keeping people engaged and connecting relevant parties.”
  • “Demonstrates a great passion for his role and Climate Change and brings people with him on the journey. Kaushik freely shares his knowledge and encourages discussion on key issues.”
  • “Kaushik is such a breath of fresh air and an asset to this firm. He is hardworking, honest, driven, extremely intelligent and creative. He has done and is doing such crucial work that will set this firm up to be a leader in sustainability. This is not an area that we should let ourselves fall behind in.”
  • “Kaushik is very good at what he does. The quality and frequency of his deliverables are exceptional and he is great at advocating and getting buy in for his focus area.”
  • “Kaushik is well interconnected with other companies’ sustainability teams. He is present and active on linked in and attends a lot of events on behalf of KPMG. He promotes KPMG as a company often.”
  • “Passion in the area of environment, that motivates others to buy-in to the agenda for change. Really great to work with. Keep up the great work!”
  • “Kaushik is very consultative and engaging. He is hard working and has developed a range of well thought through positions and recommendations e.g., GHG targets and CDP initiatives. These are immensely important areas and, looking at how our clients struggle with progress and buy-in elsewhere, I can say that it is a worthy effort. Kaushik has also been a champion on knowledge sharing and working as one KPMG – he regularly meets with CC&S people including myself and provides intelligence on market events and updates that help our competitiveness.”
  • “Kaushik and myself worked together to introduce Red Dust coffee beans to the client floor as part of a Corporate Services initiative to support Corporate Citizenship and KPMG reconciliation action plans. Kaushik assisted in all areas from first brainstorming to final review and roll out. We also worked on ‘World Fair Trade’ day held 13th May bringing in Free Trade speakers and suppliers to KPMG employees to learn and enjoy. This event was held in high regard with many coffees being served.”
  • “What I am impressed the most is the passion you show for what you do and the commitment for your work. The work that you do shows how unselfish you are, because you help so many people along the way and the best outcome benefits the less fortunate people.”
  • “Since joining the firm Kaushik has done a fantastic job promoting our sustainability achievements which I don’t believe were highlighted enough. Kaushik has an excellent work ethic with a real focus on getting the work done – Kaushik is a real asset to the KPMG team.”
  • “Great stakeholder engagement. More profile for the work that CC team does. I have a better understanding of the team and what they do having had direct engagement with Kaushik. I’ve also seen a lot more in the internal communications, and promoting what KPMG does externally as well (e.g. through LinkedIn) Very personable style.”