Dr. Kaushik Sridhar

Mentoring & Board Roles

What People Say

“I’ve known Kaushik for several years now, having initially worked together with him at KPMG. During that time Kaushik has been both a trusted advisor and source of inspiration for me in my career. What I admire most about Kaushik is his positive outlook on life, personal grit, and unwavering attitude towards personal growth and development. I hope Kaushik continues to write and share his wisdom with others. Articles such as the one he wrote on his blog about career pivots really helped with me in my journey. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Kaushik and would recommend him to anyone looking for career guidance.”

Responsible Investment Analyst, Rest Super

“I have known Kaushik for quite some time now and every time we meet and discuss matters, I am always blown away by his charisma. Not only has he given me great insights into the world of sustainability, he has also guided me into practicing ‘self-care’ so that I can take on the stresses that are present in the professional world. I am grateful to have met him very early in my career, and I cannot recommend him enough as a mentor to anyone whose starting on their journey.”

Agency Coordinator, Secondbite

“Dr. Kaushik is a highly professional mentor, who, with his experience, professional knowledge and network, is guiding me to put my foot in the door in the Australian job market. He has a positive approach & has helped me regain confidence & start job search in an entirely different manner. Kaushik gave me sincere & honest advice on my areas of improvement & skill development and helped me to identify my strengths and overcome my weaknesses. He is very friendly, approachable and always willing to help.”

Student, Kaplan Business School

“As a board member Kaushik brings a wealth of expertise andcorporate knowledge. He is also brings a passion for sustainability and to enhance the capacity of not-for-profit organisations. Ithoroughly enjoyed my time working with Kaushik and wouldrecommend him as an ideal board member for any organisation.” 

CEO – Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand

“My experience with Kaushik as my mentor has been very fruitful. We were connected through the RMIT industry mentoring program that lasted for three months. Our goal was personal branding. He helped me in understanding the work culture in Australia as I am an international student. The current trends in the industry was also discussed and he took time to help me improve my LinkedIn profile and in developing my CV. He understood what i needed as a student and helped me in getting them done. On the whole I am really glad he was my first mentor in Australia, I would highly recommend any other student to take up the opportunity to connect with him and gain more insight.” 

Student – RMIT University

“Kaushik has been a great mentor. We got connected through the RMIT mentoring proram in 2016. He gave me a realistic outlook on the Australian job market, what I should do to improve myself and adapt to it. He told how he found a foothold and purpose in working in Australia, how being flexible and agile helps to go a long way. He also gave me some tips to improve my networking skills and helped me with further enhancing my resume. He is a great mentor and I am glad we had the opportunity to connect!”

Student – RMIT University