Dr. Kaushik Sridhar


What People Say


“A HUGE thanks to Dr Kaushik Sridhar who dropped into the Institute of Directors Workshop “The Supply Chain and Procurement – the ESG Lens” recently as a guest contributor.  You gave great insight into the key challenges for Boards and Directors on this knotty problem for those gathered on line. Thank you for taking time out of your Melbourne evening to drop into our morning session in Dublin!  We really enjoyed your informal delivery and encouragement. Great to get a global perspective on our organisational challenges with ESG.

Director Development & Training Manager


“I had the pleasure of inviting Dr. Kaushik Sridhar to speak at the Round Table Sustainable Urban Moblity Solutions: Road Safety (a discussion platform for the development of the Hamburg Sustainability Conference programme), where he delivered an exceptional presentation on sustainable mobility. Kaushik demonstrated a profound knowledge of sustainability, articulating complex ideas in an accessible and engaging manner. His insights into sustainable transportation solutions were particularly impressive, highlighting both global trends and practical applications.

As a speaker, Kaushik captivated the audience with a clear communication style and compelling narrative. His ability to connect with the audience and stimulate meaningful discussion was evident throughout the session. Kaushik not only shared valuable information but also inspired attendees to think critically about their own roles in promoting sustainability.

I highly recommend Kaushik for any speaking engagements or projects related to sustainability. His expertise and passion are evident, and they bring a unique perspective with concrete, realistic solutions that is both informative and motivating.

Project Manager


“I recently got the pleasure to keynote alongside Dr Kaushik through a speaking engagement at Melbourne University. It was a pleasure to work alongside each other and collaborate together.

Dr Kaushik displayed an incredible high level of professionalism, passion and articulation throughout the display of his keynote topic. He has an exceptional ability to story tell, and captivate an audience; inviting them in to want to hear more. The way he is able to not only captivate an audience, but to also influence it is remarkably powerful. His passion, drive and enthusiasm was seen throughout his whole topic of discussion. It was a real pleasure to work alongside Dr Kaushik. His keynote was curated with a sharpness of intellect, insight and passion.


If you are in need of a speaker for your next event, then Dr Kaushik is one of the best experts in the field you could be working with!”

Purpose Expert and Strategist

Kaushik was a warm, invigorating and captivating speaker at one of our leadership spaces at my local branch of AIESEC Australia. His level of eloquence and clarity in his talk really engaged our audience to a deep reflective level that resonated in peer to peer discussions even after his talk. His insights on life’s purpose and how to focus on your dot was relatable and fantastic!

Branch Manager – AIESEC Australia

Kaushik was one of our amazing speakers for the recent AIESEC in Victoria’s Youth Speak Forum 2023. His presentation was both captivating and engaging, and we loved it! We were all inspired and empowered to rethink our passion, purpose, and finding our dot in the circle.

Kaushik has crafted powerful narratives that resonate with the hearts and minds of listeners. It was a masterful blend of storytelling, authenticity, and passion. He has created an atmosphere of trust and inspiration, and we as the audience were hooked deeply in his speech. Kaushik’s presentation has left a lasting impact on individuals from all walks of life, and his valuable advice will definitely continue to inspire all of us in our future endeavors.

We are incredibly grateful for him to be there with us as our speaker, and I cannot express enough that his presence made the event truly special.”

Student – Monash University

Kaushik’s story and lessons he shared were outstandingly inspirational. I had the pleasure of attending one of the events with Kaushik as a guest speaker, and his ability to engage the audience with his delivery, involving the audience, charisma, emotions and words made for a very captivating and enjoyable session. 

The ability to immediately capture the audiences attention for the whole session was a skill that I admire. Everyone left saying that was their favourite event by far! I really enjoyed talking to Kaushik before and after the event, if you ever have the chance to work with Kaushik, I sincerely recommend you to take the opportunity.”

Student – University of New South Wales

Dr Kaushik Sridhar was a keynote speaker at UNSW and spoke to us about his ‘Follow your dot’ approach in life. He helped me understand the importance of following my passion. He has a strong ability to engage with students through sharing his personal stories and career achievements. I strongly recommend Kaushik as an inspirational speaker to other universities, helping guide students and to follow their passions.”

Student – University of New South Wales


“We engaged Kaushik as a keynote speaker for a conference aimed at exploring career opportunities for students and early career professionals interested in working in the environmental sector. We had excellent feedback from those that attended his presentation. Kaushik was able to provide insights on career development and wider industry trends in sustainability that were tailored to the needs of student and early career professionals who attended. We really appreciated the effort he made to make sure his address captured the needs of the audience and how approachable he was to attendees that had specific questions. I would highly recommend Kaushik for any similar events.”

Manager – Member Services


“Dr Kaushik Sridhar recently presented to members of The CEO Institute.
Thank you for the informative, engaging and clear overview of the topic ESG. Kaushik is an excellent communicator, passionate about sustainability initiatives that provide environmental and economic benefits, and he is very approachable. Thanks again!”

Manager – Member Services


“Many thanks to Dr Kaushik Sridhar for presenting a workshop on ESG to the GSA, University of Melbourne. It was informative, engaging and a clear overview of the topic. The audience were post graduate students exploring career opportunities and current industry trends and this was a great opening into the dynamic area of ESG. An excellent presenter, passionate about his topic and very approachable. Thanks again!”

Training and Development Officer – University of Melbourne


“It’s both my pleasure and honor to acknowledge Dr Kaushik Sridhar for presenting on ”A Career in Sustainability” to the Insight Academy community in February 2021. He was a fantastic presenter; engaging and passionate about his subject matter. He had great examples of ways to apply his concepts in work & personal life.

Kaushik’s candid style and humor won over the packed house of faculty and students the moment he began speaking. And to no surprise, he received some of the highest feedback of all of our speakers. So much so in fact, that bringing him back next year is a “no-brainer.”

So if you get a chance to bring him into your organisation or conference, do it before someone else books him.”

Founder – Insight Academy of Entrepreneurship & Innovation


“Dr Kaushik Sridhar was recently the MC for our Darebin Pitch It (Virtual) Grand Final, and shared his wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for sustainability, business and entrepreneurship. He was engaging, informative and really a pleasure to work with. Wonderful MC and look forward to working with him again soon!”

Industry Research and Development Officer – Darebin City Council

“It was fantastic to have Kaushik MC and provide a key note speech at the grand final of Darebin Pitch It – Darebin City Council’s innovation and entrepreneurship program. Kaushik was responsive to our brief, contributed his deep expertise and ideas and was highly engaging throughout the virtual event. I can definitely recommend Kaushik as an MC and a great person to work with. Thanks Kaushik, look forward to next time!”

Place Manager – Darebin City Council


“Dr. Kaushik spoke at our Leadership Victoria and Rotary Club of Melbourne evening meeting in February this year. I engaged Kaushik as a speaker because of his incredible work history of creating positive change in his various roles. Kaushik has become an expert in how to create real and lasting change to the people and culture of an organisation, which in turn has huge benefits to the wider community and environment. Dr. Kaushik has achieved phenomenal outcomes in a short amount of time and was able to share the ‘how’ of creating change with our audience which was very valuable and inspiring. I would highly recommend Dr. Kaushik as a speaker at any event that wants to inspire and give practical steps of ‘how to achieve long term change.’ He is an incredible person who has a lot to celebrate.” 

Founder & CEO – Seven Women


“Dr Sridhar is an engaging and informative speaker on a variety of public stages. His presentation on building an organisational sustainability roadmap was perfectly concise and extremely useful to employees at any level and businesses in any stage of growth. This information is really important, and I look forward to him presenting his insights at future conferences and events” 

Communications Specialist


“Dr Kaushik was an incredibly insightful speaker at our recent Future Leaders Forum event which aims to inspire young business leaders. Kaushik spoke to our students about his experience in the social impact space – his contributions were invaluable and students in attendance reported being inspired and enlightened on this subject matter. I have no hesitations recommending Kaushik as a speaker – he is not only an expert in this domain but also an absolute pleasure to work and communicate with.” 


“Surprised, shocked, worried, angered and motivated all describe how we felt during and after seeing and hearing the Climate Reality presentation by Kaushik.  His enthusiasm for and knowledge of the subject matter kept us alert and engaged throughout the presentation and subsequent discussion.  The clear influence of Al Gore was evident in spades.  The true test of impact now is what we do individually and corporately with the reality of climate change.” 



“Kaushik was approached by my team to speak at the Melbourne International Student Conference 2018, where he presented the conference keynote titled “A pragmatic passion”. Kaushik shared the story of how he has become the leader he is today, engaging the audience by sharing the challenges he faced, where he found motivation, and how he has learnt to combine pragmatism with his passion for creating positive change. The conference delegates spoke highly of Kaushik’s keynote, and stated that they felt they could connect with what he was sharing. I would highly recommend Kaushik for other speaking engagements as he is an excellent public speaker who knows how to tailor his presentations to the audience.” 

Project Coordinator


“I approached Dr Kaushik Sridhar about speaking at Australian Healthcare Week 2019 – the healthcare hub for the APAC region. He presented on building the ‘buy-in’ and business case for sustainability in our day to day operations. Kaushik is a highly engaging and inspiring speaker, with a down-to-earth nature that makes him an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Kaushik as a speaker for your next conference!” 

Project Director


“I asked Kaushik to present the Corporate Environmental Sustainability Group on his work at Regis as I consider Kaushik to be a leader in sustainability. He is an engaging and knowledgeable presenter who is truly passionate about making a difference. Kaushik is a valuable asset for Regis.” 

National Facilities & Sustainability Manager


“Dr Kaushik Sridhar gave a fascinating talk regarding embedding sustainability (social, environment and economic) into any business. His engaging style, sharing his professional experiences as a case study made a compelling argument for all enterprises incorporating sustainability in their business.” 

Assistant Governor


“My observation, I know shared by others, was that Kaushik was an expert on his subject, delivered his views with infectious passion, and dealt with (sometimes challenging) questions with grace, good humour and firmness.” 


“You were brilliant. Audience members are still raving about it. Fantastic speaker! Thanks for your time and sharing your experience and expertise.”

Founder and CEO – Seven Women


“Dr. Kaushik spoke at Volunteering Victoria’s Conference. He was quick to engage our audience and shared his ideas, passion and knowledge on corporate responsibility and sustainability in the context of volunteering. He’s a master connector between the voluntary and corporate sectors and astutely layers his presentation with evidence, purpose and enquiry. I recommend him highly for his inspirational and tangible impact.” 



“I first learned what an excellent speaker and thinker Kaushik is when he presented his own thought-provoking research intomeasures of sustainability.”