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Business Coaching

“Canine Ecological had the pleasure of being mentored by Dr Sridhar through the La Trobe Accelerator Program in 2018. Our mentoring sessions were incredibly beneficial and motivating. In particular Dr Sridhar highlighted many areas our business could explore to form funding partnerships and the benefits of changing our business structure to maximise our environmental and business potential. Such a pleasure to work with.” 

Co-Founder – Canine Ecological

“Dr Kaushik Sridhar was of great assistance to the direction of my business during its start up phase. His advice was instrumental in developing the business systems, goals and strategies that will see my business become a success. Kaushik was generous with his time and very easy to deal with. I would recommend connecting with Kaushik as his knowledge and advice would be highly beneficial in helping you reach your business and sustainability goals.” 

Founder – R-Tec

“Kaushik was a great support for our project Bamba Chocolate during the accelerator program with La Tribe University. He is a great coach with a lot of experience and knowledge regarding sustainability and entrepreneurship.

Founder – Bamba Chocolate

“I saw Kaushik present and was blown away. His passion and insightwas intoxicating. Have also had a deepdive day that shed light intoaspects of my business. Great guy, personality and mentor.” 

Founder – Travelling Tradies

“It was my absolute pleasure to have an opportunity to meet and be mentored by Kaushik as part of the La Trobe University Accelerator Program. Not only was the conversation helpful and clarifying, Kaushik was engaging and brought so much more than just a business perspective. I consider Kaushik to be very genuine and thoughtful on each occasion we have met. I highly recommend Kaushik in his role as mentor to entrepreneurs and start up founders.” 

Founder – Hivekeepers

“My Co-founder and I were lucky enough to have Kaushik as our coach as part to the La Trobe Accelerator problem. During this time he helped us think strategically to solve our customers problem and identify their ‘what’s in it for me’. Kaushik also improved our value proposition and pitching deck with is big picture thinking and attention to providing value.” 

Co-Founder – My Life Health Services

“I had the pleasure of meeting Kaushik during the La Trobe University Accelerator Program (LTAP) where he delivered an outstanding workshop on sustainability as well as having the opportunity to be mentored by him on how to scale my teams start-up. During our mentoring session, he touched on a few key topics addressing the framework needed on how to become a successful enterprise, laying down a 7 month plan for us to adhere to. We are currently in progress of applying his plan for our start-up and we are positive that through his help, we will be able to successfully see our business venture grow in the near future. Seeing Kaushik’s enthusiasm and drive for sustainability and helping create change has also reinvigorated my desire to work on delivering sustainable outcomes to help build a better future. I would love to work with Kaushik one day and I highly recommend him to anyone who would love to be coached on everything sustainable!” 

Co-Founder – Two Birds One Scone

“We completed the La Trobe University Accelerator Program. As part of this program we undertook coaching with Kaushik Sridhar. His coaching helped us to: • identify new pathways of approaching the market and other potential markets for our product, • identify strategies for potential customers to take notice of us, and • identify and focus on those activities and parts of the market likely to be most productive. We are now engaged with the largest emergency management and humanitarian organisations in the world including the United Nations, the International Federation of the Red Cross and the US Government. I believe the coaching from Kaushik materially contributed to the progress we are making today. I would recommend Kaushik as a coach to anyone, especially those that do not come from a business background.” 

Founder – Zirkarta

“Highly effective creative thinker” is a phrase that comes to mind when I think of Dr. Kaushik. I was lucky enough to have Dr. Kaushik as my mentor during the 2019 La Trobe Accelerator Program. I was particularly impressed with his ability to help me refine my business proposition and advise tools and techniques to improve my strategic and business planning. Dr. Kaushik’s highly effective communication and creative thinking skills enabled me to see my business from a whole new perspective, skills I highly admire and aspire to achieve one day. If you get the opportunity to be mentored by, or work with Dr. Kaushik, grab it with both hands!” 

Founder – The Natural Approach
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