“Kaushik is a passionate sustainability leader who brings a unique lens to the sector. His unique approach to corporate sustainability is inspiring, energising and impactful. Working with Kaushik is a pleasure as he dreams up new ideas and puts them to action”

Internal Communications Specialist

“Kaushik has skills, knowledge, energy and passion to help organizations improve their sustainability. He identifies sustainability initiatives, develops business cases, secures grant funding, engages stakeholders and makes it happen!”

Associate Consultant, Rawtec

“Kaushik is an award winning professional able to translate the mission to ‘save the world’ into daily practical actions. He has instilled his strong passion for sustainability into stakeholders across the business and produced significant results in very short while. Kaushik has always been well equiped to commence sustainability initiatives and his enthusiasm is contagious. Kaushik has turn the actions to reduce our carbon print into viable, interesting and profitable outcomes.”

Operations Manager

“As a consultant, it’s a pleasure to work with a client that is motivated to bring about positive change within their organisation. Kaushik is a passionate communicator of sustainability initiatives and is driven to deliver effective results that provide environmental and economic benefits. His strong project management and communication skills guarantee that projects have the best chance of success.”

Waste Consultant, Rawtec

“Kaushik brought to Regis Aged Care a breathe of fresh air and a focus on effective sustainability across multiple initiatives. His hard work, perseverance and ability to immediately integrate in to the business saw immediate pay back and also a renewed ongoing focus on sustainability. A pleasure!”

National Manager, Operations Support

“It was an honour to work beside Kaushik at Regis Aged Care. His enthusiasm, involvement and support of his work colleagues was exceptional. The cultivation of sustainable products, protects the longevity of a business while driving it toward future success. Kaushik kept the team at Regis on board with the mission of protecting and saving our environment and supporting our systems, he definitely changed our way of thinking. Company sustainability typically looks at its impact on the community locally and globally, but sustainability starts with the people behind the scenes. It unites them to create a better work culture, work-life balance and contributions to customers and the world. Thank you Kaushik for all you did in front of and behind the scenes for Regis and for how you are protecting the World we live in.”

Club Services Manager

“Only occasionally do you come across clients like Kaushik when you’re a consultant. He knew exactly what he needed, why he needed it, and what it would be used for. His input helped us deliver a better service, and to make changes that have improved the way we work with others. His eye for detail is impressive, and it’s clear that he did a great job building sustainability literacy and engagement across the wider team at Regis.”

Head of Industry Engagement, Edge Environment

“At eWater Systems we’ve worked closely with Kaushik over past couple of years. He has a clear vision for sustainability and energised commitment that is both refreshing and inspiring. It’s been our pleasure to be associated with his efforts to build the sustainable platform Regis and to encourage his influence in the broader business community. Simply put, the world needs more people like Kaushik Sridhar.”

Founder, eWater Systems

“I loved working with Kaushik,he taught us as an organisation what sustainability is and the benefits this would have on our residents. He made sustainability matter within Regis, we now have a dedicated sustainability month which commenced in 2020 across all our homes. There are also a number of other successful initiatives he rolled out with Regis. Kaushik welcomes ideas and input, is approachable and has a wealth of knowledge and experience within this space.”

National Lifestyle Manager

“Kaushik introduced his Sustainability Plan at a State Managers’ meeting I attended and he had me hooked.His passion for sustainability and his influencing skills are demonstrated by his ability to get over 60 Australia wide aged care homes/Facility Managers & teams to take up and deliver, within a set time frame, raised herb gardens,veg patch & recycling kitchen waste. That is a significant outcome achieved through his ability to influence and motivate others. I also benefitted from his Solar and LED programme- both impacting immensely on my facilities’ electricity bills. Kaushik is enthusiastic and passionate about sustainability,and he is pragmatic and inspiring. He makes a difference on an individual level and a commercial level. Kaushik will not be forgotten by those of us who have met and worked with him.”

Senior Facility Manager

“Kaushik is a consummate sustainability professional who is able to effectively create a path for business to navigate the journey to sustainability. This journey requires keen commercial instincts and highly developed communication skills. Kaushik is an extremely effective communicator who creates change with his positive approach to engagement in his endeavours. This, coupled with his humanity and ready smile, made him a pleasure to work with in a large solar rollout we did together in 2019. Whatever the challenge I would expect Kaushik to deliver full value in crafting and delivering a sustainability program for any business.”

Head of Products, Capricorn Power

“Kaushik is a driven self motivated sustainability leader whose enthusiasm is contagious. He did a great job as the National Sustainability Manager for two years at Regis Aged Care. I am impressed by Kaushik’s resilience, persistence, motivation and influencing capabilities. He drove Regis’ first sustainability program and strategy off the ground quickly and with minimal fuss due to his interdepartmental relationships. Kaushik is an asset as a colleague and sustainability champion, and his next employer will be lucky to have him.”

National Marketing Manager

“Almost two decades working in the aged care industry & I could never have imagined an aged care organisation embracing sustainability to the extent Regis has. Through Kaushik’s guidance there have been many improvements to the way both staff & residents now go about their day. There are a few stand out items for me. Raised vegetable gardens – composting kitchen waste, planting, harvesting & residents enjoying the food. Recycling batteries, bottle caps & other items to give back to charities. Energy saving by turning lights & electrical items off when not being used. Solar panels being rolled out across our homes. You can plant a seed with an idea although it takes someone with Kaushik’s enthusiasm, passion & drive to motivate people, keeping the wheels in motion.”

Business Development Specialist

“It was delightful to work with Kaushik who brings a positive attitude in to every situation. He was instrumental during the Regis Aged Care quest for energy reduction. Kaushik facilitated the entire process from convincing the board to move through the process to coordinating the audits to implementing the measures. It was great to work with someone who was able to get the total package across the line. Kaushik is a strategic thinker with the future of GHG emission control in mind.”

General Manager, CarbonetiX

“Kaushik is an optimistic, passionate, inspiring individual. We met working together at Regis Aged Care. Immediately I was in awe of Kaushik’s positive attitude, resilience and strong work ethic. Quite often I would see Kaushik deal with resistance in the workplace with such grace and humility, always smiling and looking to the brighter side of the situation – seeing it as a learning opportunity, as opposed to a challenge. Being around Kaushik is energising. His passion and enthusiasm for what he does is infectious, and even after all he has accomplished, he remains to stay humble and grounded. I look forward to seeing more of Kaushik’s successes.” 

Internal Communications Specialist


“Kaushik is a personable individual that gets on well with those around him. He is focused and dedicated to producing his very best at all times. Kaushik always brought his keen analytical skills to the table and was an excellent leader and ‘doer’ in any team situation. His many years as a management consultant were evident in the way he approached tasks and achieved outcomes. Kaushik is a proactive and tireless contributor who would make a great addition to any team. I would highly recommend him for any position, as he naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something he is passionate about.” 

Associate Director – Climate Change & Sustainability Services

“Kaushik has made an incredibly positive impact during my internship at EY. He was a fountain of information, which was very useful for me at many times. He is extremely positive, dedicated, and has the knack of forging a great personal rapport with every individual he works with. Kaushik is also passionate about many areas of sustainability and has tremendous ideas that will definitely prove to be an asset to any team” 

Consultant – Climate Change & Sustainability Services

“Kaushik was my go-to person when we worked together at EY. His intelligence, passion and knowledge of sustainability and corporate citizenship were only surpassed by his friendliness and generous attitude. He is a compliment to any team, and I am glad to have met him so early in my career.”

Consultant – Climate Change & Sustainability Services


“I worked with Kaushik on FY12 & 13 sustainability reporting to recall global and Brambles. He provided us with quick response, comprehensive analysis result, in-depth knowledge in environment and useful suggestions. Through this experience I see Kaushik an intelligent, efficient and proactive team player and professional whom I am always happy to work with.” 

Finance Manager


“Kaushik is a dedicated, ambitious, result driven manager and thoughtful individual. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Kaushik is your man! He is great in dealing with difficult situations and a fantastic problem solver. Kaushik is very passionate and has great vision for his work. His focus keeps everything moving smoothly, he makes sure all the deadlines are met, and makes sure that whatever project he is working on meets the highest standards. He has built a strong (and deserved) reputation as someone with vision, diligence and honour – someone who gets things done! I have no hesitation in recommending Kaushik and know that he will always give his best in any endeavour.”

Program Manager


“Unisys Australia engaged Kaushik in 2008 to conduct detailed research on greenhouse gas emission reduction options for Unisys as a necessary component of a sustainability program. Kaushik was in Australia undertaking an MBA at MGSM. As a key member of the Unisys sustainability team, i observed Kaushik’s commitment to hard work, detailed questions and comprehensive analysis resulting in an extensive report. I was impressed with his time management ability, which was critical because of the time required for his post graduate course class assignments. He was proactive and keen to solve problems and move forward to achieve set outcomes. I have no hesitation in recommending him for a role in any organization, and i have no doubt that he will be a strong asset to any firm he joins.” 

Global Procurement Manager

“I had the pleasure of working with Kaushik Sridhar when Unisys Australia /New Zealand began a carbon assessment reporting program. His knowledge on sustainability issues including NGERs reporting and developing carbon measurement frameworks is enhanced by his analytical skill and personable demeanour. He would be an ideal candidate for any organisation pursuing sustainability and climate change activities.” 

Vice President – Marketing


“I have worked with Dr. Kaushik of KPMG Australia, a high achieving corporate member of the ‘cartridges 4 planet ark’ recycling program. I have found him to be a very motivated champion of the C4PA program both internally and externally. He is a great communicator and has demonstrated this on sustainability issues by highlighting its value to business using tangible examples. Dr. Kaushik has no doubt been a driving force of KPMG Australia’s corporate sustainability responsibilities”.

Head of Partnerships – Planet Ark

“In working on environmental sustainability programs for e-waste disposal with Dr. Kaushik at KPMG I have found him to be very knowledgeable in all aspects of sustainability and environmental responsibility. He has excelled at driving stakeholder engagement for our programs and worked collaboratively with our organisation to implement best practice methods for disposal of end-of-life electronic equipment.”

Business Development Manager – Tes-Amm Australia and New Zealand

“Dr. Kaushik is a very accomplished sustainability & corporate responsibility professional who generates value and engages effectively with diverse stakeholders. With an excellent consulting background, his ability to influence and create the sustainability agenda in an Australian corporate environment is outstanding. Articulate, worldly and passionate, he is results driven and keen to achieve positive outcomes.” 

Associate Director

“It’s been a real pleasure working together with Dr. Kaushik as an IT assets disposal & recycling partner to KPMG. I have always found him an innovative, achievement oriented professional. He brings great commitment and depth of knowledge to corporate environmental sustainability and is probably one of the best sustainability professional I’ve ever met. Kaushik is a great asset for any organization.”

Associate – Tes-Amm Australia and New Zealand

“Dr. Kaushik is a great operator and a professional in every sense. His work within KPMG’s corporate citizenship team has really expanded the range of activities that we are involved in, and he has been instrumental in elevating our achievements both internally and externally. Kaushik is strongly focused on engaging genuinely and authentically with stakeholders at all levels of any business.  A great professional, focused and engaging. As an external stakeholder he was a delight to work with and was incredibly responsible and helpful”.

Associate Director

“It has been a great pleasure working with Kaushik at KPMG. His enthusiasm and knowledge towards environmental sustainability has been infectious and motivating at the same time. We have recently worked closely to sign the Melbourne office under the CitySwitch commitment. I’m looking forward to seeing our overall rating comparison once we move into our new building at Collins square at the end of this year. Kaushik has also been working closely with the property & operations team on a national level to ensure we are all making the most of our green initiatives and is always suggesting new ideas and thinking outside of the box.” 

Facility Manager

“It has been a pleasure working with Kaushik on sustainability initiatives within KPMG. Kaushik brings great commitment and depth of knowledge to corporate environmental sustainability, and is innovative in finding ways to engage the organisation and to demonstrate the impact of our initiatives. I also have great admiration for Kaushik’s leadership skills; he is able to inspire people to go the extra mile for projects he is leading.” 

R&D Manager

“I worked with Kaushik in my capacity as CEO of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand. Kaushik is an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate advocate for sustainability and ethical supply chains. Kaushik was instrumental in establishing KPMG Australia as one of the leading fair trade workplaces in Australia and for promoting the value of ethical sourcing throughout KPMG as a whole.”

CEO – Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand

“Having worked with Kaushik Sridhar on some key corporate citizenship initiatives (asset recycling & community philanthropic activities), I can confidently say he is well versed on sustainability and has excellent stakeholder management skills! Kaushik has helped the business realise the true value of sustainability, and is a great asset.”

IT Manager

“When you interact with Kaushik, you quickly realise he is a dedicated and impressive professional with deep knowledge of how sustainability adds real value to organisations (I have seen this through his work on corporate citizenship at KPMG Australia). He has demonstrated a great understanding of KPMG and key sustainability issues across the business. I find Kaushik’s passion in this area rivalled only by his ability to engage stakeholders of all types – a fundamental skill to have when you need to listen, discuss and make positive change. He has an excellent network of senior contacts at KPMG, industry, and not-for-profit organisations and has forged strong relationships over the long term. I would strongly recommend him without hesitation.” 

Pursuits Manager

“I have only worked alongside Kaushik for 18 months, but his passion, ethics, teaching skills and positivity are still resonating with me. He made a real difference in a short timeframe and, while being driven by a purpose and a vision, knows how to be effective in the real world. With all signs pointing to the need for urgent action, people like Kaushik are more precious than ever.” 

Business Development Manager

“Kaushik and I worked together on multiple initiatives to promote awareness and engagement on the issue of climate change within KPMG between 2016-2018. Kaushik was instrumental in developing the firm’s first national Climate Change strategy, and was supportive of the events that myself and others organised as a part of the State Corporate Citizenship Committee. Kaushik was always a pleasure to work with, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavours”. 

Senior Consultant

“Kaushik and I worked together on a campaign during NationalRecycling Week in 2017. He was swift and communicative whichhelped us to run a successful initiative. I couldn’t recommend himhighly enough and I hope we have the pleasure to work togetheragain soon.” 

Founder – The Developing Clean

“Kaushik led National Climate Change initiatives at KPMG, providingsupport to myself and others on the State Corporate CitizenshipCommittees. His ability to engage all relevant stakeholders as wellas develop effective and purpose driven ideas was truly impressiveand well received at the firm.” 

Senior Consultant

“Dr Kaushik Sridhar is an outstanding professional and a leader in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability. He is experienced in executing often complex projects and bringing them to successful completion and he well understands strategic imperatives. Kaushik also has very good soft skills and is accomplished at engaging with stakeholders and implementing a vision through high level communications and other key channels in a large-scale, outcomes-driven environments.” 

Senior Communications Consultant


“Kaushik is a can do person with a great deal of confidence and a willingness to try new things. He has been a great research assistant over the past two years. Always enthusiastic and willing to overcome challenges in the work be they interpersonal technical, workload or intellectual challenges. It has been a pleasure to watch him evolve from a young MBA student into a confident and successful scholar on the verge of a great career armed with a PhD and a mountain of enthusiasm and expertise. Kaushik will be an asset to the organisation that snaps him up.” 

MBA Director

“Kaushik was a great colleague of mine at Macquarie University school of management. His commitment to team work was excellent, and was a diligent student as well as always taking an innovative approach. Kaushik would be a great asset to any organization. He is an expert in his field and would be an exceptional contributor to an Australian and or a global organization.” 

Vice President

“Kaushik and I studied together for three years, during which time I had the opportunity to work closely with him. Kaushik is of the brightest graduates of Macquarie Graduate School of Management in the past decade; his prolific academic output, success and his rapid rise are testament to his intellectual prowess. Kaushik is an expert problem solver, he is able to take a helicopter view and still see the details of the case at hand. Kaushik has an incredible work ethic, drilling deep into the data of any case, investigating beyond the superficial to find new answers and perspectives. On a personal level, Kaushik is a joy to be with. He has a great sense of fun, he hold the highest standards of integrity and his enormous international network of friends and colleagues is a testament to his wonderful personality.” 

Communications Consultant

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