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climate change

Risks or Realities?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ready for the word of 2023? Polycrisis (a cluster of related global risks with compounding impacts and unpredictable consequences). Not a new word (I know) but one that can be spun out of control (by you know who…). Crises have always rippled out into the world around them, creating far-off and sometimes unanticipated effects. However, […]

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The impacts of greater ESG performance

Reading Time: 3 minutes First published on Pro Bono News Environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis can be complex. When taking ESG considerations into account, it is not just a case of evaluating the products and services provided by a company, but also its behaviour, conduct, supply chain and other considerations in running the business. ESG analysis must also

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The 1st Week at COP26 – ‘News’worthy or ‘Noise’worthy

Reading Time: 5 minutes The United Nations has held the “Conference of the Parties,” or COP, for almost three decades, including the landmark 2015 Paris climate summit. This year is the 26th meeting. In that time, urgency has ramped up over greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and human-caused climate change. Some key statistics driving the conversations include: Earth has

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How to embed sustainability across a business effectively

Reading Time: 4 minutes Companies usually take on and achieve sustainability goals in three stages: Complying with regulations – Companies have no choice in this area; they must obey the law. Regulations are often the impetus behind sustainability initiatives. Achieving competitive advantage – This is necessary if you want your business operations to make a profit. Social, economic and

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Threat to the Ecosystem and “Human System”

Reading Time: 2 minutes Threats to the Ecosystem The public often learns about the potential impacts of climate change through “photogenic species such as coral and polar bears,” but scientists know the damage to ecosystems is much more far-reaching in its potential impact. A 2°-3°C [3.6°-5.4°F] rise in temperature puts nearly one-third of all plants and animals at “high

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What is the Business Case for Sustainability?

Reading Time: 6 minutes People and institutions want their work, their investments and their patronage to align with their values. Making that level of sustainability an integral part of your culture requires infusing every business practice and process with an awareness of your environmental and social responsibility. Sustainably oriented businesses do better than their less sustainably minded competitors. To

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Eat sustainably!

Reading Time: 3 minutes We’ve heard about the effects a high-sugar, high-fat diet can have on our health, yet we shouldn’t overlook the impact of our dietary choices on the environment. From growing crops to packaging and transporting goods, up to a third of all greenhouse gas emissions come from the agriculture sector. As Australia (and Victoria) become more

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