Dr. Kaushik Sridhar

January 2023

Risks or Realities?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ready for the word of 2023? Polycrisis (a cluster of related global risks with compounding impacts and unpredictable consequences). Not a new word (I know) but one that can be spun out of control (by you know who…). Crises have always rippled out into the world around them, creating far-off and sometimes unanticipated effects. However, …

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10 interesting facts about human psychology

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here are 10 facts about human psychology that can help us to know ourselves better: We do not buy the most expensive products but also not the cheapest one. This is why marketers display similar products next to each other with different price, the middle one will usually be chosen. Having positive and happy people …

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