What is the human life value formula?

As chemicals, probably about a dollar. As part of the universe, about as close to zero as one can get. As another human in a human society, whatever that person makes of himself or herself, whatever value humankind assigns, and whatever chance permits. Any value judgment is inherently subjective, meaning that the value of somethingContinue reading “What is the human life value formula?”

Winning the Border Lottery!

So, I was one of the lucky people to travel overseas during the pandemic (for unfortunate reasons), from one country with the most hardest/severe lockdown (not only with the rest of the world but within across the States), to another country which is hypersensitive to a cold, let alone a pandemic. Over a period ofContinue reading “Winning the Border Lottery!”

What was it like travelling overseas during the pandemic – Part 2

Seriously, what are these tennis players whingeing about?! If you read Part 1, you would know about my recent trip to India. Doesn’t look that bad, does it? So, how was the return back to a country with one of the most tightly guarded borders (following the pandemic)? Chaos prevails After a couple of weeks,Continue reading “What was it like travelling overseas during the pandemic – Part 2”