Exercise and Relationships: The Second and Third Roots of Happiness

Exercise Exercise promotes health and the natural flow of energy. It helps you fight stress by augmenting your strength, vigour, flexibility and overall hardiness. It relieves depression and insomnia, and boosts your immune function. It is essential to healthy aging, because it keeps your body agile and enhances brain function. Be sure to breathe deeplyContinue reading “Exercise and Relationships: The Second and Third Roots of Happiness”


Every day you make numerous choices about what to eat and drink. They are either positive (fruits, vegetables, plenty of water) or negative (junk food, candy, caloric drinks), or both. Good choices (“salmon with a side of broccoli”) make you feel better during the day (short-term) and reduce potentially negative physical consequences, such as cancerContinue reading “Yes2HealthyLife”

The Secret to Happiness

“The single biggest threat to our own well-being tends to be ourselves.” Do you experience a strong sense of well-being every day? Such contentment depends on more than just financial security, physical health or some other beneficial attribute. If you work to improve in one or two areas, but ignore the others, you will notContinue reading “The Secret to Happiness”