Threat to the Ecosystem and “Human System”

Threats to the Ecosystem The public often learns about the potential impacts of climate change through “photogenic species such as coral and polar bears,” but scientists know the damage to ecosystems is much more far-reaching in its potential impact. A 2°-3°C [3.6°-5.4°F] rise in temperature puts nearly one-third of all plants and animals at “highContinue reading “Threat to the Ecosystem and “Human System””


Ongoing CO2 emissions contribute to existing atmospheric conditions, ensuring that by the end of the 21st century, carbon dioxide will be the main determinant of global warming. The deleterious effects of current GHG emissions will last for centuries. Even if all anthropogenic CO2 emissions were to end right now, climate change will continue. According toContinue reading “Irreversibility?”

Growth Is a Habit, but Not the Answer

In 1968, when Apollo 8 broadcast the first images of Earth from space, millions of Earth’s citizens observed their planet in all its glory and beauty; blue, white and breathtaking. Even trained astronauts were stunned! That beautiful and breathtaking sight is rapidly changing, and nearly gone today. Its rich blue oceans are darkening and turningContinue reading “Growth Is a Habit, but Not the Answer”