Money Makes the World Go Round, or Does It?

Comparing rates of happiness across countries can be tricky, given cultural, economic and social differences that testing may not capture. However, while some “outliers” defy the idea that wealthier nations are happier – Nigeria is very happy; Japan, not so much – other factors, such as age, marriage and jobs, regularly show up in happinessContinue reading “Money Makes the World Go Round, or Does It?”

Is Money the Root of Happiness?

Economics may be a great science for understanding numbers, but it does a poor job of predicting wellbeing. “When income exceeds a certain threshold, it no longer brings more happiness,” according to the “Easterlin paradox.” Within a country, the rich are generally happier than the poor, but that’s not true over time or in comparisonsContinue reading “Is Money the Root of Happiness?”

Love, Health and Happiness

Health and Happiness Worldwide, health is the major variable that influences joy, even more than money. Contented people are healthier, and healthy people are more content. In the developed nations of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), the higher the blood pressure, the lower the happiness level, and vice versa, indicating a “virtuousContinue reading “Love, Health and Happiness”