Change and Its Challenges

In the contemporary world, to be excellent, we have to change, change continually and be able to change quickly. It isn’t enough just to endure. Because external circumstances have shifted so much in recent decades, we may have seen many organizations try to change – and fail. Most organisations are not designed to change, butContinue reading “Change and Its Challenges”

Charting Your Own Course

Most people want guarantees because they fear the unknown. Some view going down an unexpected or different life or career path as failure. They assert that their fate is predetermined and that they can do little to change their unfortunate circumstances. Change requires courage; not everyone is capable of taking this leap of faith. ChangingContinue reading “Charting Your Own Course”

Reasons and Rationalisations

Writers and actors often create backstories to define and give depth and dimension to their characters. Similarly, you should examine your history and generate a “self-story” that captures the truth of your experiences, beliefs and goals. This will help you have the courage to voice and act on your values. This also will help youContinue reading “Reasons and Rationalisations”