What was it like travelling overseas during the pandemic – Part 2

Seriously, what are these tennis players whingeing about?! If you read Part 1, you would know about my recent trip to India. Doesn’t look that bad, does it? So, how was the return back to a country with one of the most tightly guarded borders (following the pandemic)? Chaos prevails After a couple of weeks,Continue reading “What was it like travelling overseas during the pandemic – Part 2”

“It’s okay not to be okay” – 2020 in 6 words!

Like many others, I’ve spent the past months thinking over scenarios that were previously considered unnecessary. But the most gut-wrenching moment I’ve faced, by far, is to hear that my dad, who is 10,000 kms away, has gone back into ICU (as at December 2020) and could potentially not come out…and trying to travel toContinue reading ““It’s okay not to be okay” – 2020 in 6 words!”

Breaking News: My Next Chapter!

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a safe and productive week! Some personal news…bear with me as I try to recap what has been one of the most rewarding journeys I could have ever hoped for professionally, personally, and socially. My world turned somewhat upside-down early May when my role (along with many others)Continue reading “Breaking News: My Next Chapter!”