Worst Pandemics in History – Where does COVID-19 rank at present?

Note: the below piece is based on a 60-minute research of publically available information and is not my personal opinion regarding the importance or impact of any one particular pandemic. The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 is thought to have infected 500 million people globally, or about 27% of the world’s population. The death tollContinue reading “Worst Pandemics in History – Where does COVID-19 rank at present?”

Reasons and Rationalisations

Writers and actors often create backstories to define and give depth and dimension to their characters. Similarly, you should examine your history and generate a “self-story” that captures the truth of your experiences, beliefs and goals. This will help you have the courage to voice and act on your values. This also will help youContinue reading “Reasons and Rationalisations”

Global Impact = Corporate Success + Social Progress

The world faces numerous seemingly intractable economic, social or environmental problems. Poverty makes lives miserable for more than one billion people. The divide between rich and poor grows greater daily. Global warming and environmental degradation continue unchecked. Fragile ecosystems suffer unrelenting attacks from business and population expansion. Millions of people have no health care, andContinue reading “Global Impact = Corporate Success + Social Progress”