Are we responsible for our own happiness?

To a large extent, yes. In any bad situation, I have always striven to find the silver lining, no matter how well-hidden it may be. It’s all up to us whether we wish to fill our lives with positive thoughts or with negative ones. If life were to give me a lemon, not only wouldContinue reading “Are we responsible for our own happiness?”

Becoming the CEO of your own body

Stress is good and bad. A little stress can help people grow. A lot of stress can ruin people. Stress, which is ubiquitous, can be both good and bad. A little stress at the right time can serve as the forced but needed impetus that sparks growth and success – and in prehistoric times, fight-orContinue reading “Becoming the CEO of your own body”

Tense to Tranquil

Sometimes, despite your efforts, stress “happens anyway.” Co-author Sam Bracken had a difficult childhood, but he turned his life around. He was conceived from rape and his mother “dumped” him at an orphanage when he was four. At age five, a boy who later became his stepbrother lit him on fire. His stepbrother and stepfatherContinue reading “Tense to Tranquil”