What is the Business Case for Sustainability?

People and institutions want their work, their investments and their patronage to align with their values. Making that level of sustainability an integral part of your culture requires infusing every business practice and process with an awareness of your environmental and social responsibility. Sustainably oriented businesses do better than their less sustainably minded competitors. ToContinue reading “What is the Business Case for Sustainability?”

Change and Its Challenges

In the contemporary world, to be excellent, we have to change, change continually and be able to change quickly. It isn’t enough just to endure. Because external circumstances have shifted so much in recent decades, we may have seen many organizations try to change – and fail. Most organisations are not designed to change, butContinue reading “Change and Its Challenges”

How Values Differ from Ethics and Morals

Values, ethics and morals are three clearly different concepts. Ethics are rule-based, externally imposed standards, like those stated in the compliance-oriented framework of business ethics, medical ethics, legal ethics or…professional ethics. Invoking ethics normally calls for examining a situation in light of known models that justify or punish whatever has happened. Studying ethics helps youContinue reading “How Values Differ from Ethics and Morals”