Dr. Kaushik Sridhar

10 interesting facts about human psychology

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Here are 10 facts about human psychology that can help us to know ourselves better:

  1. We do not buy the most expensive products but also not the cheapest one. This is why marketers display similar products next to each other with different price, the middle one will usually be chosen.
  2. Having positive and happy people around you can keep you happier.
  3. Humans are inherently lazy, with some studies suggesting humans evolved to only “work” for 4 hours a day. Don’t feel so bad next time you sleep in, it’s natural.
  4. Dopamine can make you addicted to seeking out information. That’s why going down information rabbit-holes on the internet can be so consuming.
  5. Red and blue together creates a depth effect optical illusion, making the viewer believe something is closer or farther away than it actually is. Exploiting this illusion is how early 3D effects were created.
  6. Closing eyes helps to remember things.
  7. Pictures that include human faces will always be more captivating than other subjects, including human bodies.
  8. People will spend more money, if no one is mentioning money. The more money is mentioned, the more likely people are to be aware of their current funds.
  9. When uncertain, people will often look to others for guidance. That’s why teachers and mentors are so important.
  10. Receiving rewards could convince you that a boring task was fun.

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