Dr. Kaushik Sridhar


Objective vs. Subjective Reasons for Happiness

Reading Time: 2 minutes Happiness is a foundation stone of economic science. People make economic choices – what salary to accept, what product to buy, whether to invest – in order to become happy. The pursuit of happiness clearly matters in economics, even though economists usually speak of it in jargon, substituting such words as “utility” for “happiness.” The

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“The Greatest Happiness Principle”

Reading Time: < 1 minute Englishman Jeremy Bentham was the first philosopher to posit a pragmatic “greatest happiness principle.” He said that the greatest civilization has the happiest citizenry and, therefore, policies that increase the happiness of the largest number of people are the best ones to follow. However, until recently, little was known about human happiness, and governments stopped

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The 12 Activities of Happiness

Reading Time: 3 minutes Research suggests that the initial steps to becoming happier can be implemented straightaway. Be grateful – The powerful antidote to negativity about bad life experiences is an “attitude of gratitude” about good experiences. Research indicates that people who appreciate things feel a strong sense of satisfaction and are more optimistic. As such, they are much

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You Can Be Happy!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Don’t be one of those people who believe they are destined to be unhappy. Reorganize your thinking and guess what? You can be happy, even if you aren’t wealthy, beautiful, admired by your peers or a lottery winner. External circumstances don’t determine true happiness. What counts is your attitude toward life. If you’re positive, you

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