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Is it better to get a job via “who you know” or “what you know”? PART 2

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Which is more important to catch fish, the bait or the hook? May be “social capital” will help one to obtain a great opportunity, but it will be “human capital” that will determine the duration of the opportunity through continues deliverables.

Human capital (what you know) and social capital (who knows) are two mutually complementary and empowering forces / potentials important for smooth functioning and development. Both forces / potentials create conditions for increased activity, leading to synergies. This, in turn, creates a new quality of our, and above all, joint action – a source of creativity, efficiency and innovation.

Can we assume the true hypothesis: The quality of human capital is developed/strengthened by social capital, and the quality of social capital is shaped by the use/availability of human capital?

“It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.” You have probably heard this more times than you can count. But in a lot of cases, it is true — connections can be everything when it comes to getting a job. In fact, there are tons of jobs out there that you pretty much cannot get without knowing someone. So, going for a job without any connections is futile, right? Well, not really. While most hiring managers prefer candidates who have already been recommended for the job, it’s not impossible to snag something on your own and even uncover some new contacts on the fly.

You just need to have a plan:

Put your networks to use

Many people hate the idea of networking, but it doesn’t have to involve awkwardly weaving through a cocktail party collecting business cards from total strangers.

Networking can be as simple as setting up a phone call with one of your old college buddies who just landed a great job. You can also put your networks on LinkedIn and your other social media platforms to good use.

If you’re looking for a job, spread the word. You’ll be surprised by how many great, previously hidden connections you can scrounge up once you start broadcasting your job search.

Reach out to some new contacts

It’s not too late to make new connections. If no one in your personal network can help you, start reaching out to some of your work idols — people who’ve achieved success at a company or in a field that you’re interested in.

Do your homework

If you can’t manage to track down an individual to connect with, make sure to stay informed about the industry and the specific organisations you’re going for. That means doing your research on the folks you’re hoping to work for one day.

Just apply anyway

If all else fails, do not let your lack of an inside connection hold you back from applying. It is important to remember that knowing someone can help your résumé be seen, but it never guarantees an interview. So, while having a connection does help, it certainly is not everything. If you’re really perfect for the job, apply the old-fashioned way. Having a great résumé, relevant experience, and a positive attitude can be way more powerful than any connection.

I once heard a saying that stuck with me: “It’s who you know, not what you know, until who you know asks you what you know.” Network, but also know your stuff because at some point along the line, it is more than likely that you will have to prove yourself. Your experience and knowledge will be tested, so make sure you know the right person and the right answer.

Build your online presence and network with the right people. Just remember, who you know will potentially get your foot in the door, but what you know will likely provide you with substance and longevity.

So get out there and shake hands. And make sure you are shaking the “right” hands. And let persistence be your guiding light.

Or, put simply:

  • What you know – will make you grow
  • Who you know – will help you grow

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