Dr. Kaushik Sridhar

May the Shift Be with You

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The “Eeyore Syndrome” is named after the famously sad little donkey, Eeyore, in the popular Winnie-the-Pooh children’s books. Eeyore walked around with his head hanging down, feeling sorry for himself. Those suffering the Eeyore Syndrome expect the worst and find shifting their attitude difficult. A lack of confidence fuels this pessimism.

Positively Persevering

Laughter relieves tension. Some people are clearly more in touch with their humorous side, while others are at a distance from their “humor being.” Laughing is a natural remedy that instantly makes you feel at peace and able to cope with life. Some may find laughing in the middle of a challenging situation difficult. When you laugh amidst turmoil, you’re taking control of your life. Humor can ground you, enhance your confidence and bring out your “higher self.” This gives you a sense of perspective and the capacity to experience life in the moment. If you recognize your blessings, you can enjoy and dwell in the present.Being positive means finding the cloud’s silver lining or the best in a bad situation.

Positive people are not immune to pain. They know pain is part of life’s process. They experience discomfort and make a conscious choice to be optimistic. For example, you can let losing your job send you on a downward negative spiral, or you can decide to welcome this change as an opportunity to improve your skills or chart a new path.

Approaching fear

How you approach fear will determine whether fear gets the best of you or whether you laugh and lighten your spirits. M*A*S*H*, a popular US television series that aired from 1972-1983, showcased the benefits of laughing through your fears. The show followed physicians in a medical unit during the Korean War, a setting that few would consider humorous. One of the main characters, a surgeon named Hawkeye, frequently told jokes over the operating table while bombs exploded outside. He was not ignoring the seriousness of the situation; he was trying to create hope where it was hard to find.

Apply the same principle when you face adversity. You can’t avoid heartache and pain, but you can laugh and adopt a positive perspective. Naomi Judd, a popular country music singer, battled hepatitis C. She survived a trying time by cracking jokes with her doctors. Judd used her sense of humor to retain perspective and bring positivity to an otherwise dire situation.


You can’t control emotions. At times, you will be sad, angry or scared. Having a bad day or dealing with negative thoughts is normal. Having a meltdown or losing your temper now and then doesn’t make you a negative person. Experience these emotions and then make a power shift to refocus your energy where it counts.

Make happiness a habit by injecting humor in your life and shifting your perspective. Every day presents you with choices, and you have power over how your life can unfold. Remain focused on all the worthy aspects of your life. Don’t get bogged down by what you don’t have or where you fall short. Concentrate on the people and things that you consider your blessings. When the going gets tough, try to laugh. It isn’t what happens to you, but how you cope with what happens that determines your happiness.

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