Reality plus Response equals Result

You can make major changes in your life with minor changes in your thinking and behavior. To understand how this works, consider the three Rs model: “Reality plus response equals result.” Say that one of your colleagues criticises your work (that’s reality). Your response creates a particular result. If you ask your colleague why heContinue reading “Reality plus Response equals Result”

My 20 Life Rules!

Life Rule #1: If you are simple, the world is simple for you! A simple life can lead to a happy life. People must be self-sufficient and happy, tolerant, and magnanimous. You can’t think about anything complicated. If your soul is overloaded, you will complain and worry about others. It is necessary to delete theContinue reading “My 20 Life Rules!”

From ‘Know How’ to ‘Do How’

“Necessity may be the mother of invention, but dissatisfaction is the father of most breakthroughs.” Stuck in the Mud In Russia, people tell a story about a poor farmer who was on his way to the market with produce to sell. He needed to arrive before his vegetables spoiled, but his handcart’s wheels got stuckContinue reading “From ‘Know How’ to ‘Do How’”