Though We Are Oceans Apart, Our Hearts Are Connected

COVID-19 affects every aspect of life. Even if you haven’t lost your job or taken a pay cut, your personal life is still affected in one way or another. Long distance relationships and globalisation go hand-in-hand. A married couple might be divided by jobs in two different countries. Parents and their child/children might be dividedContinue reading “Though We Are Oceans Apart, Our Hearts Are Connected”

Is the state of happiness truly a good thing?

‘What is happiness?’ is a question that has intrigued individuals for eons. They have climbed the highest peaks, dived to the deepest oceans, sat in caves for months and isolated themselves on islands, and yet still not found the secret to this billion dollar question. When people describe what they most want out of life,Continue reading “Is the state of happiness truly a good thing?”

Are we responsible for our own happiness?

To a large extent, yes. In any bad situation, I have always striven to find the silver lining, no matter how well-hidden it may be. It’s all up to us whether we wish to fill our lives with positive thoughts or with negative ones. If life were to give me a lemon, not only wouldContinue reading “Are we responsible for our own happiness?”