Dr. Kaushik Sridhar


Reality plus Response equals Result

Reading Time: < 1 minute You can make major changes in your life with minor changes in your thinking and behavior. To understand how this works, consider the three Rs model: “Reality plus response equals result.” Say that one of your colleagues criticises your work (that’s reality). Your response creates a particular result. If you ask your colleague why he …

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My 20 Life Rules!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Life Rule #1: If you are simple, the world is simple for you! A simple life can lead to a happy life. People must be self-sufficient and happy, tolerant, and magnanimous. You can’t think about anything complicated. If your soul is overloaded, you will complain and worry about others. It is necessary to delete the …

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Though We Are Oceans Apart, Our Hearts Are Connected

Reading Time: 3 minutes COVID-19 affects every aspect of life. Even if you haven’t lost your job or taken a pay cut, your personal life is still affected in one way or another. Long distance relationships and globalisation go hand-in-hand. A married couple might be divided by jobs in two different countries. Parents and their child/children might be divided …

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May the Shift Be with You

Reading Time: 2 minutes The “Eeyore Syndrome” is named after the famously sad little donkey, Eeyore, in the popular Winnie-the-Pooh children’s books. Eeyore walked around with his head hanging down, feeling sorry for himself. Those suffering the Eeyore Syndrome expect the worst and find shifting their attitude difficult. A lack of confidence fuels this pessimism. Positively Persevering Laughter relieves …

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