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The Art of Listening

Reading Time: 2 minutes The art of listening is an often-overlooked skill that is essential to building and maintaining strong relationships, both personally and professionally. Listening is more than just hearing what someone is saying, it involves actively engaging with the speaker and understanding their perspective. Effective listening requires concentration, patience, and an open mind. It’s not just about […]

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The Emotional Life of Your Brain

Reading Time: 2 minutes Every person’s “Emotional Style” is unique, like fingerprints or snowflakes. Your style determines how you react  (mental health) to what life throws at you. Developing areas of expertise by repetition – such as playing the piano or navigating city streets as a taxi driver – increases activity and patterns in corresponding areas of the brain.

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“It’s okay not to be okay” – 2020 in 6 words!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Like many others, I’ve spent the past months thinking over scenarios that were previously considered unnecessary. But the most gut-wrenching moment I’ve faced, by far, is to hear that my dad, who is 10,000 kms away, has gone back into ICU (as at December 2020) and could potentially not come out…and trying to travel to

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Is there a recipe for a stress-free life?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Stress is a part of life. Some stress is beneficial, but prolonged chronic stress is harmful. Take a holistic approach to changing the basis of your stress, not its symptoms. Rather than “managing” stress, you can identify its causes and reframe your thinking. Your thought patterns may be winding you up and stressing you out.

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Shift Paradigms and Eliminate Stress

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Reactive to Proactive” Shifting this paradigm means taking control of your stress instead of reacting to it. You can’t avoid stress, but you can minimize it. For example, proactive people avoid having to worry about their finances by saving money and following a budget. They exercise, eat right and get regular check-ups to ease their

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