Attitude of Gratitude

In the natural world, only change is permanent. Observe an oak tree as it experiences the cycles of the seasons: it is flexible in the wind and rain, deriving its strength from its deep roots. As part of nature, human beings are also subject to life cycles. Accepting that flux will take you a longContinue reading “Attitude of Gratitude”

The Importance of Social Networks

“People who have at least three or four very close friendships are healthier, have higher well-being and are more engaged in their jobs.”   Most people do not realize how much their social connections mean to their emotional and physical health and wellbeing. Those with friends, family and significant others derive great benefit from theirContinue reading “The Importance of Social Networks”


Every day you make numerous choices about what to eat and drink. They are either positive (fruits, vegetables, plenty of water) or negative (junk food, candy, caloric drinks), or both. Good choices (“salmon with a side of broccoli”) make you feel better during the day (short-term) and reduce potentially negative physical consequences, such as cancerContinue reading “Yes2HealthyLife”